Chronisar - FAQ

The following frequently asked questions provide you with comprehensive information about Chronisar.

Chronisar supports:

MP3 (.mp3)

AAC (.aac/.m4b /.mpg/.3gp)

Apple Lossless (.m4a /.mp4)

AIFF (.aif /.aiff)

Other formats are not displayed and can not be synchronized.

Chronisar Lite only supports MP3 (.mp3).

Theoretically, any device that is recognized as mass storage. It is important that the device is displayed as writable volume in the Finder.

Chronisar can not be used to synchronize iPhone's, iPad's or iPod's.

By 'synchronizing' is meant that Chronisar manages the music order on the device after setting up the device.

Chronisar ensures that only music you have selected is in the music folder of the device. If you press the Sync button, both the music you newly selected will be copied to the device and music that is no longer in your iTunes library or that you have deselected in Chronisar will be deleted from the device. It keeps your music selection in Chronisar in sync with the music folder on the device.

This feature is not available in Chronisar Lite.

Chronisar organizes the music like iTunes; by artist and album.

There is also the option to copy all files to a single folder, which is necessary for some car audio systems.

An alphabetical or genre-based organization is not yet planned. But ff desired, I can incorporate into future versions.

When setting up the device, you have the choice of whether Chronisar should copy the songs of a playlist, like the rest of music, into their corresponding artist and album folders, or whether a separate folder should be created in the music folder for each playlist.

If a separate playlist folder is created, songs selected from both a playlist and an album or artist are copied to the folder of the album and the playlist and are duplicated on the device.

There is also the option to create a playlist folder in the music folder where all playlist folders are located.

Unfortunately, the playlist format m3u (m3u8) is not standard, so there are several ways to create an m3u file. Try again with other settings. In the settings view you will find information about the different settings.

Yes! Chronisar can convert your music, which is not in MP3 format, to MP3 without having to convert it inside iTunes.

This feature is not available in Chronisar Lite.

No. Currently, a device can only sync to one Mac.

This can have several reasons:

During setup, a "chronisar.syncdata" file is created on the device. If this file is damaged or deleted, Chronisar will not be able to recognize the device.

Chronisar also stores a reference to the device you set up on the Mac. If this reference is deleted (for example, by reinstalling OS X), the system prevents access to the device.

In both cases, the device must be set up again.

Chronisar can save an album cover as a picture. It will then create the file "folder.jpg" in the album folder.

This feature is not available in Chronisar Lite.

Chronisar uses the language that is set in the operating system. In the system settings under "Language&Region" there is a list "Preferred Languages". Add the desired language here and sort it in the desired order. The list is reviewed by Chronisar from above until a language is reached which is supported.

These files are not created by Chronisar, but by the macOS operating system. These are various files, which among other things help the Finder to display the files and folders. You can delete them without risk, but they are usually recreated the next time you connect the device.